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Azienda Agricola Ricci Curbastro & Figli


Azienda Agricola Ricci Curbastro & Figli, Lombardy, Italy

Address: I – 25031 CAPRIOLO (BS) Villa Evelina – Via Adro, 37

Telephone: +30 030 736094

Fax: +39 030 7460558


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Prime Alture Società Agricola srl

 Prime Alture Società Agricola, srl

Prime Alture Società Agricola, srl

 The vines of Prime Alture have been the mistress of the house for almost two centuries.  The soil is crossed by the 45° parallel, this is known as the “wine parallel” and also crosses the famous regions of Bordeaux and nearby Piedmont.

 The story of Prime Alture finds its roots in the history of the family of its founder, Roberto Lechiancole, a Milanese entrepreneur who has always aimed at quality in life. With his wife Anna he then began the family project of transforming the traditional farmhouse into a modern winery and an elegant home where affection, close friends and a select number of guests may come together. Their aim has been to create an oasis of quality, an authentic temple of wine and of country living.

 Accommodations include six suites with panoramic views of rolling hillsides, flowing with vineyards for a memorable stay at this lovely country vineyard.  These elegant suites are nearly constructed, in 2012. 

 Wines to be sampled at Prime Alture include:

Pinot Noir, starting with the belief that the composition of the soil influences the content of the grapes that grow on it.

Merlot, “L’Altra Metà del Cuore” (“The Other Half of the Heart”)

Blanc de Noir, “Io per Te” (“Me for You”) which crowns Prime Alture’s exclusive collection with a sparkling note.


  • There are overnight accommodations at this winery.
  • There are meals served at this winery.
  • There are catering and banquet facilities at this winery.

 Winery: Strada Madonna
Vicinale per Campone – Casteggio (PV)


Telephone: +39.0383.83214

Giorgi Wines




Giorgi Wines

The cellar Giorgi is the largest private company at Pavese with well over 1,500,000 bottles of wine produced annually. It is currently run by the Fabian brothers, produced by his sister Eleanor, with the collaboration of his father Antonio. The Giorgi Brothers Company has three cellars in Oltrepò Pavese.

Contact Information:


Telephone: 0385262151