Italy – Piedmont

Rivetto Dal 1902


Address: Località Lirano, 2, Sinio (CN) 12050, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0173 613380

Roddolo Flavio


Address: Località SanAnna 5, Bricco Appiani, Monforte d’Alba (CN) 12065, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 78535


St. Thomas


Address: Regione Guatrasone, 99, San Salvatore Monferrato (AL) 15046, Italy

Telephone:+39 0131 238249

Canary seed farm


Address: Fraz.Ne San Siro, 42, Calosso d’Asti (AT) 14052, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 853183

Strada del Vino Astesana


Address: Regione San Rocco, 80, Agliano Terme (AT) 14041, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0141 964038

Tenuta Billia


Address: Via Saluzzo, 101, Torino (TO) 10123, Italy

 Telephone:+39 011 5534926

Tenuta Carretta


Address: Localita Carretta, 2 Piobesi d’Alba 12040

Telephone:+39 0173619119

Tenuta Casalino


Address: Via Asti, 164, San Giorgio Monferrato (AL) 15020, Italy

 Telephone:+39 011 806336

Tenuta dei Fiori


Address: Via Valcalosso, 3, Calosso d’Asti (AT) 14052, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0141 826938

Tenuta Gaiano


Address: Via Trino, 8, Camino (AL) 15027, Italy

Telephone:+39 0142 469440

Tenuta La Gloriette


Address: Strada Baglio, 22, Nizza Monferrato (AT) 14049, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 701008

Tenuta Langasco


Address: Fraz. Madonna di Como, 10, Alba (CN) 12051, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0173 286972

Tenuta Montemagno


Address: Via Cascina Valfossato, 9, Montemagno (AT) 14030, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 63624

Tenuta Roletto


Address: Via Porta Pia 69-71, Cuceglio (TO) 10090, Italy

Telephone:+39 0124 492293

Tenuta Santa Seraffa


Address: Località Colombare, Gavi (AL) 15066, Italy

Telephone:+39 0143 643600


Tenuta Tamburnin


Address: Via Bardella, 2/4, Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT) 14022, Italy

Telephone:+39 0392 1626867

Tenute dei Vallarino


Address: Regione Valle Asinari, 20, San Marzano Oliveto (AT) 14050, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 823048

Terre Alessandrine


Address: Crimea, 69, Alessandria 15100, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0131 235891



Address: Via Statale, 3, Località San Bovo, Cossano Belbo (CN) 12054, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 83789


Tre Donne


Address: Via Serragrilli, 30, Neive (CN) 12052, Italy

Umberto Fracassi


Address: Via Monfalcone, 1, Cherasco (CN) 12062, Italy

Telephone:+39 0172 489096



Address: Barolo (CN) 12060, Italy

Laura Valditerra Farm


Address: Strada Monterotondo, 75, Novi Ligure (AL) 15067, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0143 321451

Varaldo Rino Farm


Address: Via Secondine, 2, Barbaresco (CN) 12050, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 635160

Eraldo Viberti


Address: Borgata Tetti dei Turchi, 53, La Morra (CN) 12064, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 50308

Voerzio Gianni


Address: Strada Loreto, 1, La Morra (CN) 12064, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 509194

Voerzio Roberto


Address: Località Cerreto 1, La Morra (CN) 12064, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 509196

LeGuie Winery

LeGuie Winery

Leguie Winery 2


LeGuie Winery “Terra dell’Erbaluce” (“Land of Erbaluce” the ancient Roman grape)

Via Porta Pia, 73, 10090 San Giorgio Canavese TO, Italy

 LeGuie Winery in Piedmont Italy is home to the ancient Roman grape Erbaluce.  It is said the Roman Emperors favored this ancient heirloom grape, an elegant masterpiece, a balance of citrus fruits with a lingering velvet finish.

 North of Torino in the famous Piedmont region, lays a well-kept secret for a lucky few: Erbaluce di Caluso.  There is always something that distinguishes one wine from another, not only its characteristics or where it comes from, but also its history.  Cuceglio, a small, attractive village located in the impressive framework of a morainic amphitheater in Piedmont lost its main form of income with the exit of a major employer years ago.  The community and its people were devastated not knowing what to do.  Long respected for its viticultural magnificence, the local priest “Arciprete” (the namesake for our Erbaluce Brut dell’ Arciprete Sparkling) brought the community together encouraging them, “Let us return to our roots, let us resurrect our ancient heirloom grape varietals [wine] and present these to the world.”  The villagers were inspired by their priest’s words and began the resurrection of their ancient roman grape Erbaluce. 

Please enjoy…and as you sip these delicate wines envision Italy’s Hidden Treasure and the Piedmont Wine Route where one will enjoy the wide panorama of the vineyards and speckled with ancient villages, castles, churches, abbeys, as well as, people, food and wine to warm your heart…..


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