Azienda Agricola Ricci Curbastro & Figli


Azienda Agricola Ricci Curbastro & Figli, Lombardy, Italy

Address: I – 25031 CAPRIOLO (BS) Villa Evelina – Via Adro, 37

Telephone: +30 030 736094

Fax: +39 030 7460558


45.6324214, 9.9390316


Akhasheni Winery

akhasheni region picture

Akhasheni Winery, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 974800

Akhasheni Winery – A naturally semi-sweet red wine made from the Saperavi grape variety grown in the Akhasheni vineyards of the Gurdzhaani district in Kakheti. This blend of wine has a dark-pomegranate color, with a harmonious taste containing a delicate chocolate flavor. This wine contains 10.5-12.0% alcohol, 3-5% sugar and has 5-7% titrated acidity. This blend of wine has been produced since 1958, and has been collecting several gold and silver medals at different international expeditions along the way.



Alaverdi – Wine Company

alaverdi cathedral

Alaverdi – Wine Company, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (35) 350110

41.687148, 44.824327

Alaverdi Wine Company – Wine-cognac plant “Alverdi” is situated in Kakheti, Gurjaani Region, in one of the best-known areas of wine, cognac and cognac spirit production. Alaverdi joined the Georgian wine map when the plant was originally built in 2001, in Village Chumlaki of Georgia. This Wine Company represents an integrated enterprise with services including production of wine, cognac spirits and cognacs. Alaverdi has successfully developed a plant that is completely equipped with modern technology (from France, Italy and Germany). This is crucial for processing grapes, and realization of technological process.





Alazani, Gurjaani, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 997185

Alazani – Alazani gets its name from one of Alazani River. As a result of the surrounding warmer climate in Alazani Valley, Alazani grapes there are sweeter than anywhere else in Georgia. This is one of the oldest varieties of grapes in Georgia, and archaeologists have found samples from the 3rd Millennium BC. This blend has a very sweet flavor, with light fruit tones and a straw coloring that darkens as the wine ages. This wine goes great with salty snacks, nuts and deserts.


alaverdi cathedral

Aleksandreuli, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 988803

41.701860, 44.796827

akhasheni region picture


Aleksandreuli – Aleksandreuli is a region located in Tbilisi, Georgia, working especially in wine and beer business activities. Wines produced are mostly made from semi-sweet grapes, and they have a high sugar content with typically 25 percent Brix. This winery currently uses 150,000 tons of grapes. In addition to the sweet wines, Aleksandreuli produces dry wines. Grape varietals used by the Aleksandreuli winemaker include: Khvanchkara, Tetra, Barakoni, Alexandreuli, Kindzmarauli, Tsinandali, Mukuzani, and Saperavi.



Askaleni Brothers

ASK  bros

Askaleni Brother, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 12 KSANI ST., TBILISI 380092, GEORGIA

Telephone:+995 (32) 607402

41.768259, 44.786721

Askaleni Brothers – The Askaleni Bothers celebrates its 15-year anniversary in 2013, and continues its quality and success throughout not only Georgia but also the rest of the world.




Badagoni ltd.

Badagoni, Akhmeta, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 936243

badagoni wine factory

Badagoni – Badagoni, founded TheKakhetian village of Zemo Khodasheni, is a Georgian wine producer formerly known as the Knight of Winemaking. Currently, the company owns more than 300 hectares of vineyards, for specialization in local grape varietal production. The people and surrounding community take pride and a sense of identity in their grape harvesting and production. This is a direct correlation of their attachment to the land and culture. The love for the grape is installed within the culture.

Badagoni barrels



Bagrationi 1882

Bagrationi chapagne

Bagrationi 1882, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 655300

41.798870, 44.797499


Bagrationi 1882 – Founded in 1937, Bagrationi 1882 is the first company in Georgia specializing in the production of sparkling wines. The company name is connected to the name of Georgian Kings descendent Ivan Bagrationi, who started production of Georgian sparkling wines. Wine champagnization is implemented both through bottles as well as the reservoir method.125 years after initial founding, Bagrationi 1882 remains not only the most popular of the local market but throughout the entire Caucasus as well. At Bagrationi 1882, The experience and contemporary technology produce the most favorable sparkling wine with the best, unique taste.



Besini, Telavi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 385312


Besini – Besini is a wine company founded in 2004. The name “Besini” coming from ancestral tradition of producing divine wine (“Besini”) from chosen grape varietals, and donated it to only those worthy. On the land of Tsinandali, in Besini vineyards, up to 500 indigenous grape varieties are still cultivated. Wine has remained both the basis for both religion and economy throughout the region, and its production has gained iconic significance in Georgia.





Binekhi, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 658756

41.708396, 44.801399


Binekhi – Binekhi is a wine company that heavily emphasizes vineyard cultivation, the care required for it, and producing wine from gathered grapes. The company owns over 90 acres of land covering various different parts of Georgia, and thrives on its ability to offer an original, absolutely exclusive means of production. Binekhi offers several different wines in “ceramic vessels” produced within the company workshop, and does not solely rely on wine as its only collection.





Castel, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 253080

41.710942, 44.757130


Castel – Castell Family Winery is located at the southern plateau of Georgia’s renowned “Napa of the South” Dahlonega, Georgia. With its old roots located on the shore of Lake Lanier, Castel is a company that emphasizes all phases of production from the vineyard to bottle. With a company belief that producing wine is both an art and a science, they focus on technology and tradition when doing business. Castell believes that wine is an essential to a rich and wonderful life, and their way of doing business promotes just that.



Chalise Wines


Chalise Wines, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 942218

41.687490, 44.858499

Chalise Wines – The history of Chalise wines is due to the experience and consumption of Franken Wines. While away on duty, both Wayne and Margo Boyd found both inspiration and an “escape” in the romantic castles, the evergreen forests, and the vineyards along the Main River, and especially the wonderful people of‘ “Frankenland” in Northern Bavaria. As soon as the men returned from duty, they discovered that these “Franken Wines” were a rarity in the states. Today, Chalise wines have decided to pattern a business and import these wines so that Americans also could experience the fine Artisan wines.

Chateau Mukhrani

Chateau Mukhrani, Mtskheta, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (99) 729414

chateua muk

Chateau Mukhrani – The vineyard consists of over 100 hectares of fertile soil, in what some call the perfect growth conditions, thanks to exposure from the sun. Chateau Mukhrani provides its consumers with a variety of both local and International varietals. Chateau Mukhrani thrives on its ability to provide an essential experience for any wine consumer. Only a 25-minute drive from Tbilisi, a tour includes history of the Georgian royal-family, breath taking legends, as well as a flavor of originality.



David Sarajishvili and Eniseli


David Sarajishvili and Eniseli, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 659090


David Sarajishvili and Eniseli – Considered an elite and luxury product, Sarajishvili brandy comes from the distillation and aging of wines grown in the Eniseli sub-region in the Alazani valley. The products usually contain distinct aromas, mainly consisting of toffee and dried vine fruits.







Dike, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 531579

41.709981, 44.792998



Dugladze, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 768343

dugaldaze wine company

Dugladze – Dugladze Wine Company was first developed in 2004. Dugladze is in fact a company that was the first Georgian wine company to return to the Russian Market in 2006 after a complete seven-year market lockout. Dugladze thrives by offering a variety of products from grape varietals, sparkling wines and brandy.



GMS, Kareli, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (99) 553562

Golden Khvanchkara


Golden Khvanchkara, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 41 KOSTAVA ST., TBILISI 380032, GEORGIA

Telephone:+995 (32) 334865

41.719091, 44.777771


Golden Khvanchkara – The KST company (Georgian classic wines, Fine Wines from Georgia) is a U.S Distributor of Fine Wines from Georgia. At KST they pride themselves in producing their finest wine, Khvanchkara. The wine is well known for its golden color and its amber like taste, and has won 8 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and several other awards and accomplishments from several different international exhibitions.



Gomboris Marani

golden marani

Gomboris Marani, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 223596

41.706646, 44.773107

marani vineyard

Gomboris Marani – Located and based out of Tbilisi Georgia, Gomboris Marani Ltd is both a fine wine manufacturer and exporter. Although the Company is a relatively new, expertise in wine production and exportation have allowed the Company to get started recently, enter the wine industry and market of Georgia, and prepare for a successful future. Known for quality wine making, they insist on introducing and spreading the word of Georgian wine to the rest of the world wine sector.

Gorporation Georgian Wine


Gorporation Georgian Wine, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 436015

41.715148, 44.765411

Gorporation Georgian Wine – Located in the Telavi region of Georgia, Corporation Georgian Wine was first established in 1999. The company main goal was to effectively produce and provide alcoholic beverages. Thanks to both roots in the art of wine aging,  and the implementation of new technology, The Corporation has been effectively producing fine Georgian wines for the last 12 years.




GWF, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 776123

41.689933, 44.814936


G.W.F. – The Georgian Wine Family consists of an alliance between 4 of the best different Georgian wine companies, with one of the best wine-makers in the world at the helm of it all. Devoted to high



GWS, Tbilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (35) 075972

41.700810, 44.790059

 G.W.S. – Georgian Wine and Spirits was founded in 1993 as a joint venture between CEO Pernod Ricard and Georgian shareholders. GWS thrives on its productions of two wines and one grape spirit (“TAMADA”).



Jackelli Wines


Jackelli Wines, Ujarma, Georgia


41.787694, 45.162365

jackelli grapes

Jackelli Wines – in 2001, the Jackelli family to get things under way planted the first vineyard. The family consisted of pioneers of organic farming, and was able to take that approach and install it into rich prosperous vineyards. The organic vineyard is located 760 m above sea level, in the magnificent Iori alley. The company thrives on its different intensely dark, rich and exquisite wines they have to offer due to the local climate.





JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli


JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli, Kvareli, Georgia


Telephone:+995 252 50555

Kakheti Traditional Winemaking

K T W Kakheti Traditional Winemaking, Tbilisi, Georgia Address: 12, KSANI ST., TBILISI 0192, GEORGIA Telephone:+995 (32) 290265 41.768259, 44.786721 Kakhetian-traditional-wine-making Kakheti Traditional Winemaking – One of the biggest company’s producing wine and brandy in Georgia, it exports to consumers and markets all over the world. The successful synergy of both new technology available, and ancient traditions of winemaking, has really enabled this company to successfully make its mark on the Georgian wine culture.


kakhuri 2

Kakhuri, Telavi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (35) 070210

41.689898, 44.821665


Kakhuri – This Company was founded in 2000, finished in 2002, is located in the capital city (Telavi) of the Kakhuri region. This region represents the main area of the region viticulture. The success of three different Georgian winemakers contributed the start up of this company, and the mission was to produce very high quality wines. Located in Telavi the company covers more than 2 hectares of land, including full service from grape crushing all the way to bottle production.



Kolkhida Wines


Kolkhida Wines, Tbilisi, Georgia


kolhida 2



Kotekhi, Gurjaani, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (35) 320397

koteki 2

Kotekhi – The Kotekhi Company thrives by providing its consumers with aromatic, surprisingly varied, but quite simple wines. Located in Georgia has been operating its own winery’s since 1976. Covering several tens f hectares, the production of both different red and white wines is nothing short of planned and delicate.






Manavi, Sagarejo, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 230808

manavi 1

Manavi – A village that is located in the Georgian province of Kakheti, famous for its yellow/greenish wine (“Manavis Mtsvane”), Manavi is a Georgian wine importer active all across the world. When asked about his own company, Manavi CEO Mr. Kevkhishvili said, “Homemade wine is far better than the other kind,” Mr. Kevkhishvili said afterward. ”What we make here in Manavi is the best, not just in Georgia, but also in all throughout the world. The soil, the elevation of the land, the amount of sun — everything is perfect.” Those involved with Manavi are confident in their company vision and products they have to offer.




Okami Village

okami 2

Okami Village, Tibilisi, Georgia


Telephone:+995 (32) 305767

41.708491, 44.754316



Okami Village – Okami village, located near the capital city of Tbilisi, Georgia. First originated in 1996, Okami was able to provide a very unique dry wine for the seeking consumer. The wine is made from the “Saperavi” grapes, and completely enraptures a ruby red glowing color. This company prides itself on proving the consumer with a memorable experience they will be sure not to forget.



palvani ltd  palvani

Palavani, Gori, Georgia

Address: 19 Shindissi Highway, Gori , Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 967462

palvani winery

Palavani – The Palavani Company was first founded in 1996 in the Gori region. The company thrived early by first finding business partners throughout Italy, as well as purchasing new equipment for maximum productivity. The Palavani Company takes pride in being a quality and reliable china supplier, as well as their ability to both manufacture and export fine wines in the Georgian region. Their main products consist of both white, and red wines and Liquors.

Rachuli Wine

rachuli wine Rachuli Wine, Tbilisi, Georgia Address: 45 kazbegi street, second floor, room #210, Tbilisi , Georgia Telephone:+995 (32) 311669 41.709981, 44.792998 rachuli Rachuli Wine – Rachuli Wine Ltd., formerly know as The Chrebalo Winery, has been in the fine wine production industry for over a century. The company thrives on its three popular wine of the company being, Aleksandrouli, Kvanchakara and Barakoni. Operating on land and vineyards that are privately owned since 1995, the winery is ale to handle between 300-500 tons of grapes each year between themselves and local wine growers.



Sameba, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 5/7 Leselidze st., Tbilisi 380005, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 987390

41.804382, 44.828605


Sameba – (The Holy Trinity of Tbilisi), a.k.a. Sameba, is the main Cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Sameba consists of a synthesis of traditional styles dominating the Georgian church architecture throughout various stages in history. Sameba has adopted a style similar to one traditional style dominating the Georgian church. This monument/cathedral is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and was first constructed in 2004, and is the third-tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the world.


Samgori Alco

sangori map

Samgori Aloc, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 28 av. Gamsakhuredia, Tbilisi , Georgia

Telephone:+995 40 70 52

41.709981, 44.792998

samgori alco

Samgori Alco – Samgori Alco Ltd is between the top 5 largest and most stably developing companies in Georgia, but also looking for possible expansion through either customer base or increased employee numbers. The company thrives on its expertise regarding both the manufacturing and exportation of vodka and brandy. They use advanced technologies consisting of computer-based bottle production




Saperavi, Telavi, Georgia

Address: 3 Gamarjvebis st., Telavi 2200, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (350) 31691


Saperavi – Due to its intense, rich and dark color, this is an acidic grape variety that is well native to the region of Georgia. This same grape is used to make many of the regions’ specific wines.



squartevelo squartvelo

Saqartvelo, Gori, Georgia

Address: 19 Shindissi Highway, Gori , Georgia

Telephone:+995 (99) 580896


savane cellar savane white wine

Savane, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 1 Petriashvili st., Tbilisi 380079, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 226547

41.708405, 44.780527



Senakuri, Senaki, Georgia

Address: 27 st. Roman Russia, Senaki , Georgia

Telephone:+995 (31) 321111

Senakuri – Located in the seemingly center of the relative region, with access to all cities and man different cross-region rivers. Senakuri, a Russian company who was founded in Georgia, was leader in wine sales in Russia until 2006. Ever since, Senakuri has refused to return to the Russian marketplace. Specifically, Senakuri contains a vineyard located in Senaki, Georgia.



shumi winery

Shumi, Telavi, Georgia

Address: Tsinandali, Telavi 2200, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (35) 075333

shumi vineyard

Shumi – The Shumi winery itself, was founded in 2001 and is located in Tsinandali, the center of viticulture and winemaking in Georgia. Specifically situated in the historical center of Georgian Wine making Tsinandali Village, the company thrives from past operational and knowledgeable experience and benefit of a great company location. In addition, the company owns 600 hectares of vineyards and vineyards located in unique micro-zones of Georgia. The company has over 54 different red and white wines, dry and naturally semi sweet and wine brandies to offer. 17 different products are made using the company’s unique technology.



Sviri, Zestafoni, Georgia

Address: Sviri village, Zestafoni , Georgia

Telephone:+995 (99) 572149

sviri in georgia

Sviri – with an absolute altitude above sea level of 220 meters, the climate and weather conditions have great influence on the effectiveness of business. When thinking of Sviri, things such as sum of precipitation, duration of winter, and Hail significance/frequency should play influence in possible decisions to visit.


tbilvino logo

Tbilvino, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 2 Sarajishvili Ave, Tbilisi 0153, Georgia

41.700810, 44.790059

tibilvino factory

Tbilvino – The Tbilvino Company, headed by the two Margelashvili brothers, focuses on its ability to provide the consumer with both high quality wine, and every aspect of vinification. The Tbilvino Company in operation since 1962, and received high praises and awards at various different international competitions. In 2002, Tbilvino made their first special reserve and received notice with consistent improvement through 2004.


Telavi Wine Cellar

telavi wine cellaf

Telavi Wine Cellar, Kakheti, Georgia

Address: Kurdgelauri Village, Kakheti 383330, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (35) 033707

Telavi Wine Cellar – Telavi, Located in just outside Tbisili, is a Company that prides itself on the ability to combine the art of ancient traditions and sophisticated technological advancement in Georgian winemaking. Located in a hidden valley protected by the different surrounding Caucaus mountain ranges.  This company emphasizes the importance of its location, and the uniqueness of Georgian wine production.


Teliani Valley

teliani valley logo

Teliani Valley, Telavi, Georgia

Address: Tbilisi Highway 3, Telavi 2200, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 506088

Teliani Valley – The specific region of Teliani is located alongside the river Alazani. Vineyards are located to the right of this region, 560 m above sea level, while also nearing the right tributaries of Alazani. The climate of the region and this specific zone is consistently known to be moderately humid, but also includes hot summers and cold winters.






Temo, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 1 Petriashvili st., Tbilisi 380079, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 226547

41.708405, 44.780527



Tibaneli, Kvareli, Georgia

Address: Economic Settlement, Kvareli 4800, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (99) 707720


Tibaneli – In the year 2000, Tibaneli developed its early roots throughout the village of Tibaneli, in Kakheti, Georgia. Tibaneli thrives on its delicate process of caring and nurturing crops with warm affection, and staying committed to its process of development. Covering today just over 20 hectares of Saperavi vineyard, Tibaneli is known for development of its high quality red wine throughout the world wine market


Tiflisi Marani

tiflidsi marini

Tiflisi Marani, Gardabani, Georgia

Address: Village Vaziani, Gardabani 1310, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 507590

Tiflisi Marani – Tiflisi Marani Company is known as one of the most stable and durable traditions of local and Georgian wine history. Tiflisi Marani produces a wide variety of both wines and brandies, and specializes in its semi-sweet wines in the Georgian region. Most recently, the Company won a Gold Medal Award (2009), in Moscow at The International Wine Prod-expo.





Trialeti, Gori, Georgia

Address: 78 av. Tamar Mepe, Gori , Georgia

41.977977, 44.111534

Usakhelauris Venakhebi

u v 2

Usakhelauris Venakhebi, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 14 Nutsubidze St., Tbilisi , Georgia

Telephone:+995 (99) 516020

41.729600, 44.755085

u v

Usakhelauris Venakhebi – Usakhelauris is a red wine, grown and made in the mountainous slops of Western Georgia. Usakhelauris finds it’s from the word  “nameless” in Georgian culture, due to its high quality and rarity. Usakhelauris wine has been long known for its gentle and subtle qualities, providing a pleasant smooth taste with a hint of strawberry since first produced in 1943.




Vartsikhe Winery

vart georgian brandy

Vartsikhe Winery, Imereti, Georgia

Address: Vartsikhe Village, Imereti 384070, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (33) 441550

42.146571, 42.719391


Vartsikhe Winery – Located in Kutaisi-Bagdati Territory, Western Georgia, and Vartsikhe Wine Plant has been in operation since it fist opened in 2011. Since day of opening the company has been innovative in terms of investment and possible furthering of the winery. Vartsikhe prides themselves on their long-term tradition and experience of grape processing, as well as its access to and processing of distinctive brandy and unique grape types such as Titska and Tsolikauri.


vazi 1

Vazi-1, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 18 Leselidze st., Tbilisi 380005, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 923738

41.693007, 44.802878


Vazi – 1 – First founded in 1990, Vazi -1 was awarded gold medal in 2001 for its reputation as one of the most prominent and experienced wine specialist in Georgia. Vazi -1 prides itself on its ability to not only succeed with one product, but also provide its consumers with a range of beverages such as International Wine, Cognac, Vodka, Brandy, and other Liquors.




Vaziani, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 8 Akhvlediani Lane, Orkhevi, Tbilisi 380103, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 768686

vaziana company

Vaziani – The Vaziani Wine Company was first established in 1982 in Tbilisi Georgia. The Company thrives both on its excellent production as well as its variety of products. Vaziani is especially known for its quality red, rose, white vintage and naturally sweet wines. This point of excellence is achieved thorough a very thorough and selective process regarding grape quality and variety.





Winery Khareba

khareba logo  Khareba-winesWinery Khareba, Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: Office 8, 50/1 Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi 108, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (32) 988391

41.702857, 44.791527



Winery Khareba – Winery Khareba is a liquor store located in Tbilisi Georgia. This Winery produces over 30 different kinds of wine. Through the successful synergy of both new technology and traditional methods, Khareba is able to produce the best Eastern and Western Georgian varieties of grape. Their wines are exclusively produced from only unique European and Georgian varietals.

Vignobles Dom Brialcave des Vignerons de Baixas

vignobles 2 


Vignobles Dom Brialcave des Vignerons de Baixas, 14, avenue du Marechal Joffre, Baixas 66390, France

The Vignobles Dom Brialcave started in 1923. Today it has 380 co-operators who operate 2,500 hectares, with an average annual production of 85,000 hectoliters. But beyond the numbers, what are the values ​​of solidarity, equity, accountability and heritage conservation are profound identity vineyards Dom Brial.

Values including solidarity, equity, and responsibility, have been the foundation of our vineyards and winery. Our art of winemaking has been passed down from generation to generation while keeping in mind the preservation of our soils. Our technicians train and give technical advice to sustain the knowledge of the latest technique bases. 

Telephone:+33 (0)4 68 64 26 70

Domaine Les Yeuses

Domaine des Yeuses, Route de Marseillan, Mèze 34140, France

Domaine des Yeuses is located near the Mediterranean, as well as close to Mèze in France’s Languedoc region. Owners, Jean-Paul and Michel Dardé work with various winemaking consultants to provide wines made with the best results from the soil, vines, grapes and climate.

The vines are cultivated in a traditional way: size, plowing, harvesting and processing are performed by permanent staff.  The winery has modern equipment for producing wines of a very high quality

Telephone:+33 (0)4 67 43 80 20

Château Tourril

Chateau Tourril behind Vine leaves

Château Tourril, Roubia 11200, France

The ​origin of “Château Tourril” goes back to the “Stone of Tourril”. The “Stone of Tourril” was a roman tower located on top of a hill. Château Tourril was purchased in 1998 and has received heavy investments to modernize it with the latest technology. It is located in the South of France close to the “Canal du Midi” between Carcassonne and the ancient gallo-roman capital Narbonne. The clay-limestone soil found in the vineyard is unique because of how well drained by rains it is and it’s protection from the surrounding hills from winds and frost.

 Quality and tradition are the main characteristics of our wi​​​​nes.  Château Tourril produces 3 types of wines: Red, White and Rosé.We produce blended and pure grape wines from: Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Roussanne.

Telephone:+33 (0)4 68 91 36 89


Rivetto Dal 1902


Address: Località Lirano, 2, Sinio (CN) 12050, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0173 613380

Roddolo Flavio


Address: Località SanAnna 5, Bricco Appiani, Monforte d’Alba (CN) 12065, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 78535


St. Thomas


Address: Regione Guatrasone, 99, San Salvatore Monferrato (AL) 15046, Italy

Telephone:+39 0131 238249

Canary seed farm


Address: Fraz.Ne San Siro, 42, Calosso d’Asti (AT) 14052, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 853183

Strada del Vino Astesana


Address: Regione San Rocco, 80, Agliano Terme (AT) 14041, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0141 964038

Tenuta Billia


Address: Via Saluzzo, 101, Torino (TO) 10123, Italy

 Telephone:+39 011 5534926

Tenuta Carretta


Address: Localita Carretta, 2 Piobesi d’Alba 12040

Telephone:+39 0173619119

Tenuta Casalino


Address: Via Asti, 164, San Giorgio Monferrato (AL) 15020, Italy

 Telephone:+39 011 806336

Tenuta dei Fiori


Address: Via Valcalosso, 3, Calosso d’Asti (AT) 14052, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0141 826938

Tenuta Gaiano


Address: Via Trino, 8, Camino (AL) 15027, Italy

Telephone:+39 0142 469440

Tenuta La Gloriette


Address: Strada Baglio, 22, Nizza Monferrato (AT) 14049, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 701008

Tenuta Langasco


Address: Fraz. Madonna di Como, 10, Alba (CN) 12051, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0173 286972

Tenuta Montemagno


Address: Via Cascina Valfossato, 9, Montemagno (AT) 14030, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 63624

Tenuta Roletto


Address: Via Porta Pia 69-71, Cuceglio (TO) 10090, Italy

Telephone:+39 0124 492293

Tenuta Santa Seraffa


Address: Località Colombare, Gavi (AL) 15066, Italy

Telephone:+39 0143 643600


Tenuta Tamburnin


Address: Via Bardella, 2/4, Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT) 14022, Italy

Telephone:+39 0392 1626867

Tenute dei Vallarino


Address: Regione Valle Asinari, 20, San Marzano Oliveto (AT) 14050, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 823048

Terre Alessandrine


Address: Crimea, 69, Alessandria 15100, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0131 235891



Address: Via Statale, 3, Località San Bovo, Cossano Belbo (CN) 12054, Italy

Telephone:+39 0141 83789


Tre Donne


Address: Via Serragrilli, 30, Neive (CN) 12052, Italy

Umberto Fracassi


Address: Via Monfalcone, 1, Cherasco (CN) 12062, Italy

Telephone:+39 0172 489096



Address: Barolo (CN) 12060, Italy

Laura Valditerra Farm


Address: Strada Monterotondo, 75, Novi Ligure (AL) 15067, Italy

 Telephone:+39 0143 321451

Varaldo Rino Farm


Address: Via Secondine, 2, Barbaresco (CN) 12050, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 635160

Eraldo Viberti


Address: Borgata Tetti dei Turchi, 53, La Morra (CN) 12064, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 50308

Voerzio Gianni


Address: Strada Loreto, 1, La Morra (CN) 12064, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 509194

Voerzio Roberto


Address: Località Cerreto 1, La Morra (CN) 12064, Italy

Telephone:+39 0173 509196

Zealear Cellars


Address: PO Box 752, Carmel Valley CA 93924, United States

LeGuie Winery

LeGuie Winery

Leguie Winery 2


LeGuie Winery “Terra dell’Erbaluce” (“Land of Erbaluce” the ancient Roman grape)

Via Porta Pia, 73, 10090 San Giorgio Canavese TO, Italy

 LeGuie Winery in Piedmont Italy is home to the ancient Roman grape Erbaluce.  It is said the Roman Emperors favored this ancient heirloom grape, an elegant masterpiece, a balance of citrus fruits with a lingering velvet finish.

 North of Torino in the famous Piedmont region, lays a well-kept secret for a lucky few: Erbaluce di Caluso.  There is always something that distinguishes one wine from another, not only its characteristics or where it comes from, but also its history.  Cuceglio, a small, attractive village located in the impressive framework of a morainic amphitheater in Piedmont lost its main form of income with the exit of a major employer years ago.  The community and its people were devastated not knowing what to do.  Long respected for its viticultural magnificence, the local priest “Arciprete” (the namesake for our Erbaluce Brut dell’ Arciprete Sparkling) brought the community together encouraging them, “Let us return to our roots, let us resurrect our ancient heirloom grape varietals [wine] and present these to the world.”  The villagers were inspired by their priest’s words and began the resurrection of their ancient roman grape Erbaluce. 

Please enjoy…and as you sip these delicate wines envision Italy’s Hidden Treasure and the Piedmont Wine Route where one will enjoy the wide panorama of the vineyards and speckled with ancient villages, castles, churches, abbeys, as well as, people, food and wine to warm your heart…..


  • There are overnight accommodations at this winery.
  • There are meals served at this winery.
  • There are catering and banquet facilities at this winery.



Address: 41 vazha-Pshavela av., Tbilisi 380077, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (99) 558080

Vini U.R.O.


Address: Osimo (AN) 60027, Italy



Address: Frazione Crosa 16, Vendone (SV) 17032, Italy

Telephone:+39 0182 76338

Zedda Piras


Address: Alghero (SS) 7041, Italy

Telephone:+39 079 997777



Address: Contrada San Vito, Luzzi 87040, Italy

Telephone:+39 0984 543404

Wyncroft Winery


Wyncroft Winery, Buchanan, Michigan

Wyncroft’s vineyard is located near the 42nd parallel, in close alignment to the best growing regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy France. The soil at Wyncroft is also rich in glacial mineral deposits of the moraine hills, not unlike some of the great grape growing regions of Europe which flourish from mineral rich glacial soil deposits. Using France as a model, Jim compared weather data and soil from southwest Michigan with Bordeaux and Burgundy, home of his favorite wines, to select what grapes he would plant to produce a world class wine here in Michigan from his vineyard. Clones and rootstocks were then selected specifically for their adaptability to the soil found at the vineyard.

The result is world-class wine with a taste of France right here in Michigan. Wyncroft’s selection of European style wine includes a Burgundian style Chardonnay…buttery and ripe with undertones of fruit, mineral, vanilla, and spice; an Alsace-style Riesling…dry with crisp acidity and pear, apple, and mineral elements as well as a Pinot Noir with deep color, ripe berry and cherry flavors. Their flagship wine “Shou” is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc produced in the in the style of the wines of Margaux, France. Give them a try and see if you, too, are transported to France…

Wyncroft winery is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and can also be found at or by telephone at 269.409.1855

Please be sure to call ahead because we are very often working in the vineyards!



Address: Via Piastrarelle, 11, Lanuvio (RM) 00040, Italy

Telephone:+39 06 9303636

Willow Creek Winery


Willow Creek Winery, Sheridan, New York

2627 Chaplin Road, Sheridan NY 14135, United States

 Telephone:+1 (716) 934 9463


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Prime Alture Società Agricola srl

 Prime Alture Società Agricola, srl

Prime Alture Società Agricola, srl

 The vines of Prime Alture have been the mistress of the house for almost two centuries.  The soil is crossed by the 45° parallel, this is known as the “wine parallel” and also crosses the famous regions of Bordeaux and nearby Piedmont.

 The story of Prime Alture finds its roots in the history of the family of its founder, Roberto Lechiancole, a Milanese entrepreneur who has always aimed at quality in life. With his wife Anna he then began the family project of transforming the traditional farmhouse into a modern winery and an elegant home where affection, close friends and a select number of guests may come together. Their aim has been to create an oasis of quality, an authentic temple of wine and of country living.

 Accommodations include six suites with panoramic views of rolling hillsides, flowing with vineyards for a memorable stay at this lovely country vineyard.  These elegant suites are nearly constructed, in 2012. 

 Wines to be sampled at Prime Alture include:

Pinot Noir, starting with the belief that the composition of the soil influences the content of the grapes that grow on it.

Merlot, “L’Altra Metà del Cuore” (“The Other Half of the Heart”)

Blanc de Noir, “Io per Te” (“Me for You”) which crowns Prime Alture’s exclusive collection with a sparkling note.


  • There are overnight accommodations at this winery.
  • There are meals served at this winery.
  • There are catering and banquet facilities at this winery.

 Winery: Strada Madonna
Vicinale per Campone – Casteggio (PV)


Telephone: +39.0383.83214

Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano

 Vecchia Cantina


Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano

via Provinciale, 7 – 53045 Montepulciano, Siena, Italy

This area has been famous for its winemaking for centuries, Francesco Redi wrote in his XVII poem, Bacchus in Tuscany, “Montepulciano is the king of all wines.”  

The Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano is the oldest wine growing and wine producing cooperative in Tuscany. The Cantina was founded in 1937, on the initiative of fourteen producers working in the centre of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano production zone.

The vineyards are where the traditional Montepulciano devotion to the noble fruits of the territory is most apparent. The Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano recognizes the vineyards as the starting point on its journey towards perfect. The Cantina boasts over 70 years of wine growing experience.

As well as being an important Tuscan wine growing and wine producing company, it is also a valued promoter of Montepulciano wine, culture and traditions.

Contract Information:


Telephone: +39 0578 716092



Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano

Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano 2


Cantina Pieve Vecchia


Cantina Piere Veccia 

Cantina Pieve Vecchia

Campagnatico (Grosseto), Italy

 Ancient history. Timeless beauty. Go out beyond the vine leaves, and on a fabulous journey into the past. Tour the Roman cistern of  Pieve Vecchia, walk through medieval borgo of Campagnatico, and explore the archeological site of  Roselle.

The wines of Cantina Pieve Vecchia are the culmination of the successful partnership between man and nature. The  winemaker Ugo Pagliai follows the region’s historic tradition of production, with all its subtleties, as well as bringing innovation to their more modern wines, developed for those palates seeking new tasting experiences.

In addition to wines, the traveler will find exceptional extra-virgin olive oil of the Pieve Vecchia, grappas, distilled in affiliation with the prestigious Nannoni di Paganico distillery, Maremma regional preserves, jams, handmade biscotti and other delights created by Daniele, the chef of the Locanda del Glicine.

Contact Information:


Telephone: +39 0564 996452

The Winery is open for guide tours and wine tastings from Monday to Friday upon reservation as follows: from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. On Saturdays it is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., upon reservation



Pieve Vecchia

The Town of Campagnatico

Pieve Vecchia 2

Pieve Vecchia

Pieve Vecchia 3

Pieve Vecchia Winery

Pieve Vecchia 4

Wine and Spirits award winner in 2009

Giorgi Wines




Giorgi Wines

The cellar Giorgi is the largest private company at Pavese with well over 1,500,000 bottles of wine produced annually. It is currently run by the Fabian brothers, produced by his sister Eleanor, with the collaboration of his father Antonio. The Giorgi Brothers Company has three cellars in Oltrepò Pavese.

Contact Information:


Telephone: 0385262151




Address: Via Piastrarelle, 11, Lanuvio (RM) 00040, Italy

Telephone:+39 06 9303636



Address: Via Appia Nuova Km 21,500, Due Santi – Marino (RM) , Italy

Telephone:+39 06 6372261



Address: Via delle Colonne 25, Cori (LT) 40010, Italy

Telephone:+39 06 9679642

D’amico Paolo


Address: Frazione Vaiano, Località Palombaro, Castiglione in Teverina (VT) 1024, Italy

Telephone:+39 0761 948868

Femar Vini


Address: Via Fontana Candida, 3/C, Monte Porzio Catone (RM) 40, Italy

 Telephone:+39 06 9419491



Address: Via Enrico Fermi, 161, Roma (RM) 136, Italy

Telephone:+39 06 551121

I Pàmpini


Address: Strada Foglino, 1126, Località Acciarella, Borgo Sabotino (LT) 4010, Italy

Telephone:+39 0773 643144

Isabella Mottura


Address: Località Rio Chiaro, 1, Civitella d’Agliano (VT) 1020, Italy

Telephone:+39 0335 7077931



Address: Via Nettunense km. 7,100, Ariccia (RM) 40, Italy

Telephone:+39 06 9342141

Molinari Italia


Address: Via Aurelia Nord km. 75,300, Civitavecchia (RM) 53, Italy

Telephone:+39 0766 58301

Monti Franco


Address: Via Casilina km 23, 296, Laghetto di Montecompatri (RM) 40, Italy

Telephone:+39 06 9476040

Mottura Sergio


Address: Località Poggio della Costa, 1, Civitella d’Agliano (VT) 1020, Italy

Telephone:+39 0761 914533

Poggio Fenice


Address: Via del Pereto 31, Roccasinibalda (RI) 02026, Italy

Telephone:+39 0765 708123

San Isidoro


Address: Localita’ Portaccia, Tarquinia (VT) 1016, Italy

Telephone:+39 0766869716

Villa Puri


Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 86  01023 Bolsena Province of Viterbo, Italy

Telephone:+39 0761 799190


Femar Vini

Address: Via Fontana Candida, 3/C, Monte Porzio Catone (RM) 40, Italy

Telephone:+39 06 9419491

Villa Puri


Address: Località Villa Puri, Bolsena (VT) 1023, Italy

Telephone:+39 0761 799190