shumi winery

Shumi, Telavi, Georgia

Address: Tsinandali, Telavi 2200, Georgia

Telephone:+995 (35) 075333

shumi vineyard

Shumi – The Shumi winery itself, was founded in 2001 and is located in Tsinandali, the center of viticulture and winemaking in Georgia. Specifically situated in the historical center of Georgian Wine making Tsinandali Village, the company thrives from past operational and knowledgeable experience and benefit of a great company location. In addition, the company owns 600 hectares of vineyards and vineyards located in unique micro-zones of Georgia. The company has over 54 different red and white wines, dry and naturally semi sweet and wine brandies to offer. 17 different products are made using the company’s unique technology.


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Last Modified: March 31, 2014